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Iced Coffee Maker

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Skip the drive-thru with the Go Iced Classic - the machine that makes you save time and money on your favorite iced coffees.
Designed for Iced Coffee
Perfect Taste & Never Watered-Down
Ready in 2 Minutes
Easy to Use (Fill Up, Brew & Enjoy)

"I have 2 of them. One at work and one at home. We love them! We have not bought an iced coffee in 3 months since I bought these."

Deona G. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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24oz Reusable Tumbler
Iced Coffee Recipes eBook
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5,000+ Canadians switched their expensive iced coffee runs for the Go Iced Classic™.

Not your regular coffee maker.

Here's why...

Introducing the IcedBrew™ Technology

The Go Iced Classic™ features our IcedBrew™ Technology, which brews coffee at a lower temperature to minimize ice melt, while infusing at a higher coffee-to-water ratio to compensate for the bit of melted ice.

Unlike regular coffee makers who melt the ice & taste watered-down, this formula guarantees to make delicious & flavorful iced coffees that are just how you like em', every time - ice-cold & never watered-down.

Iced coffee in an instant.

How it Works:

1. Fill Up

Fill up the water reservoir with water, the reusable filter with ground coffee using the measurement scoop, and the cup with ice cubes up to the rim.

2. Brew

Press the ON button to turn on the Go Iced Classic™, select the desired size by pressing the Size button, and press the ON button again to start brewing!

3. Enjoy!

Once the brewing is done, remove the cup from the drip tray, add-in your favorite mix-ins (cream, syrups, etc.), mix and enjoy!

Delicious & Never Watered-Down

The Go Iced Classic™ is specifically designed for iced coffee, and brews the perfect concentration of hot coffee over ice. The coffee comes out stronger to counterbalance the bit of melted ice, resulting in a delicious & flavorful drink that's never watered-down.

Limits Ice Melting

By brewing at a lower temperature, thanks to its IcedBrew™ Technology, the Go Iced Classic™ limits melting and keeps enough ice to make your iced coffees chilly & ice-cold.

See what the hype is all about

Approved by real iced coffee lovers

See why so many people are ditching their daily iced coffee runs to make it at home with the Go Iced Classic™


"Usually, when I make iced coffee at home the color is all wrong. This color is very right. I'm OBSESSED!"


"It's not watered-down, there's plenty of ice left, I'm super impressed by this! If you're an iced coffee lover, honestly, give this a shot!"


"I'm gonna add about a pump and a half, and then we'll do some creamer [...] put the lid on, and we're good to go!"


"Alright, we are taste testing the iced coffee... 10/10 for sure!"

5 more reasons to love it.

Multi-Size Compatible

Brew in 4 different sizes, ranging from 16oz to 30oz. (including ice)

Reusable Coffee Filter

Save on expensive & wasteful pods and use your own ground coffee for full control over taste.

42oz Water Reservoir

42oz Water Reservoir

Small Footprint

Add a must to your coffee bar, without having to compromise on counter space.

Fast Brew

Get a delicious cup of iced coffee ready in less than 2 minutes.

Don't take our words for it.

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Grace T.


I've been looking for a way to make iced coffee at home for months and I couldn't find what I needed. I'm so happy that I came across you on TikTok!

Mia B.


Could not have asked for a better alternative to my Starbucks. It works super well and it's DELICIOUS!

Ashley B.

The Kids Love It!

We're a family of 6 and we all love iced coffee. We decided to buy this iced coffee maker to save on our daily drive to starbucks. It's working perfectly and makes us save a lot of money. It's also very quick to make, which is very convenient in the morning before school.

Scarlett L.

Worked Better Than Expected

I didn't think it was this easy to use. It literally takes 2 minutes to make and the taste is perfect.

Best D.

Best Iced Coffee Maker On The Market

I tried different methods to make iced coffee at home, but this one is the easiest & most convenient. I'm satisfied!


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Don't take our words for it.

Skip the drive-thru for good.

See why 5,000+ customers switched their expensive iced coffee runs for the Go Iced Classic™.

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