How to Make Iced Coffee at Home (2023)

How to make iced coffee at home?

If you've come across this article, you too are an Iced Coffee Lover! You're in the right place, because we're about to tell you the best recipe to start making your own and stop spending your money at the coffee shop.

But why make your own iced coffee?

But why make your own iced coffee? - How to make Iced Coffee at home (2023)


But why bother making them at home instead of taking a 15 minute detour to the Starbucks near you? Before writing this article, I asked myself the same question. And to be honest, I found all the answers in less than 30 seconds. Saving time, knowing what there's in my drink and what we put in our body are already very important but but the most important thing is about my wallet. Indeed, I did the calculation and I realized that with a consumption of one drink per day, I save about 900$ per year, doing it myself became obvious. Everything is clear now, let's get to the recipe!

Our recipe to make the best iced coffee in the comfort of your kitchen

Our recipe to make the best iced coffee in the comfort of your kitchen - How to make Iced Coffee at home (2023)


The ingredients you need to make your iced coffee:

  • Ground coffee; choose your favorite one
  • Large ice cubes
  • Mix-in; choose your favorite falvor
  • A glass; you can use the one coming with the Go Iced Classic™
  • An Iced coffee machine; the Go Iced Classic™ is the best on the market


    Now that you have everything you need, let's get to the steps!

    • Step 1: Fill the water tank of the machine.
    • Step 2: Fill the coffee tank with your favorite ground coffee.
    • Step 3: Replace the coffee tank and lock it in place.
    • Step 4: Fill the glass to the brim with the large ice cubes.
    • Step 5: Turn on the machine, select the size and press start to begin.
    • Step 6 : Wait 2 minutes for the coffee to be fully extracted.
    • Step 7: Add your favorite creamer and enjoy your homemade iced coffee.

    Now that you too have discovered this life hack, you can start thinking about what to do with all the money and time you'll save.

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